"Our World


In Godís Universe"

A New DVD That Gives The Basic Story

of the Whole Bible in Just Two Hours

Illustrated with over 200 Beautiful Paintings


Pictures:  [Top]- Picture used on the DVD   [Bottom left]  Esther Doss signs in American Sign Language   [Bottom Right]  Esther signing as her husband Chip runs the professional camera in their studio in Arkansas, USA


The Purpose of the DVD is to present a total picture of the plan of salvation - from the beginning to the end of sin.  The DVD gives the Bible answers to the questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here?  What will happen to us in the future?



-  How Sin Begin in Heaven With Lucifer   -    The Creation of our World     -  How Sin Came Into Our World

-  The Story of the Noah and the Flood    -    Man's Rebellion at the Tower of Babel and what it led to!

-  The Story of Moses and the Exodus     -    Why God set up a Sanctuary Service for Israel      -  Different Highlights of the Old Testament

-  The Book of Daniel and its Importance for us Today

-  Jesus Life, Ministry, Death and Resurrection

-  The History of the Early Church and how many in the church went into wrong beliefs

-  The Reformation and How God is Wanting to Prepare a Special "Remnant" to be Ready for His Second Coming

-  What Happens to the Good and the Bad at Jesus Coming   -   The Purpose of the 1000 years after Jesus Second Coming

-  What Happens to Bring an End to All Sin    -   How the Earth is to be Re-Created for Man to Enjoy for Eternity



   Before Esther talks about each picture, you see it full screen.  Then the picture drops into a small size in a layer beside and behind her so you know exactly what she is talking about.  If the picture has a lot of detail, you see it a full screen a second time before she goes on to the next picture.  Esther appears large and clear on the screen, so her signing is clear and easy to read - even the fingerspelling!  There are 236 pictures with over 200 as beautifully done paintings - usually by a professional artist.

Who Gives the Presentations?

   Esther Doss, the Hard of Hearing daughter of two Deaf parents, gives the presentations in clear graceful American Sign Language.   Esther loves the Lord, and believes what she presents.  Esther wants those watching to get a new picture of what a loving God is trying to do to save them!

Who wrote the series?

   The series is written by John and Alberta Blake.  They have two Deaf Children and two Hearing Children.  The Blake's specialize in preparing video and Easy Reading written materials for Deaf.  John is a Pastor and Alberta is a trained and now retired Teacher of the Deaf.  Three Deaf Pastors went through the script, and the retired one, Pastor Arthur Griffith, gave much help in making the script simpler to understand, and easier to sign.

Who did the technical production of the series?

  The production was done in Arkansas by Edgemont Video, Inc.  Edgemont is a family owned Christian business specializing in producing professional religious, nature, health and humanitarian Video/DVD materials.  Edgemont also sells video editing equipment, etc.  www.edgemontvideo.com


What is the cost of the new DVD?


   A single copy of the CD is $20 in US or Canadian funds shipped anywhere around the world.  This is in a nice full-color DVD case. 


However, if you want to buy it in bulk in a simple clear poly case, you can get 5 DVD copies for $25. That is only $5 per DVD copy.   But this is PLUS shipping.   

    How much is shipping?

    * $ 5 in US funds extra for shipping the 5 DVD's to the USA or $ 5 extra in Canadian funds to ship anywhere in Canada

    * $ 10 US funds extra for shipping the 5 DVD's to any other country by Surface Mail, or $ 20 US funds extra for shipping the 5 DVD's by Airmail.


TO PURCHASE -        Please send the funds in a money order made out to:      

        "John Blake"

        Address: P. O. Box 308, Clive, AB    T0C 0Y0    Canada


If you have questions, just email them to us:   office@deafhope.org

[ We can usually answer within 4 to 48 hours! ]


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