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With Francisca Trexler, Lecturer/Counselor


Lecturer/Counselor Francisca Trexler with Husband David  |  New Set of Five Family Life Videos

Topics Included:

Tape 1- How to be a Successful Person

Tape 2- Differences Between Men & Women

Tape 3- Communication

Tape 4- How to Have a Happy Marriage

Tape 5- Pointers on Parenting


  Francisca Trexler, deaf herself, is a counselor-lecturer. She is a mother of two sons, a pastorís wife, and recently took her training in professional counseling at the University of Nebraska. Francisca is requested as a lecturer in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Francisca lives with her husband in Maryland. Her husband is a pastor and also a Volunteer Chaplain at Gallaudet University.

  The videoís were recorded "live" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in May 2002. The tapes also include questions from the audience with answers by Francisca. This series presents topics from the point of view of a counselor who is deaf. Francisca gives some of her own experience, and how she has worked through the years with a deaf husband and two hearing boys. Her thesis for her Masterís Degree in Marriage and Family was on the subject of Children of Deaf Adults (CODAís).

** There is a sound track with voice interpreting from a team of professional interpreters.


* $60 (Canadian) for the set of 5 tapes, plus $10 for shipping within Canada

OR-  on 5 DVD disks - only $35 plus $5 for shipping within Canada


* $50 (US funds) for the set of 5 tapes, plus $10 for shipping to the USA

OR-   $ 35 (US funds) plus $5 for shipping to the USA

Outside Canada & the USA- email for prices

LEFT PICTURE: Grace Baptist Church in Calgary where 1st three lectures held 

RIGHT:  Francisca with group after a lecture at the Adventist Church where the last two were held.

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Canadian Deaf Ministries

P. O. Box 308,  Clive,  AB   T0C 0Y0    Canada


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