Now Available In Both Video Tape & DVD Disk

Artist Joe Maniscalco's Painting of Jesus Featured on Video Tape Covers

SPEAKER: Pastor Jeff Jordan, M.Div., of Acworth, GA

LECTURES: In 20 lectures Jeff covers the whole plan of Salvation from the beginning of sin in Heaven, all the way to the destruction of sin at the end of the world. Jeff showed the Bible texts right on the screen. You can read the Bible texts on the screen in Easy English, or watch as Jeff signs them in ASL. Jeff uses about 100-150 computer graphics in each presentation.

Pastor John Blake spent three months adapting a series of computer graphics given by the speaker of "It is Written", Mark Finley, in a series from satellite. The texts are from very carefully chosen Easy English versions of the Bible varying from about grade 3 to grade 6 in reading level. Thousands of man hours have been spent on preparing the graphics!

Jeff Jordan preaching at the Holiday Inn, Marietta, GA, Oct./Nov. 1999

THE VIDEOS: There are 20 lectures on 10 videos. The series was captured on video using a new Canon XL-1 digital camera. They were edited using two digital Panasonic DV-2000 VCR/Editors. Copies have been duplicated by Crown Video in Edmonton, Alberta directly from the digital masters.

Each tape has its own hard plastic cover done in full color. On the cover is a painting of Jesus by artist Joe Maniscalco. The back side of each of the ten tapes has a different action picture from the series. Each tape has a professionally produced Introduction and Conclusion prepared by Edgemont Video in Arkansas.

Jeff's wife, Melissa Voice Interpreting as Jeff Preaches in his language, ASL

VOICE INTERPRETING: Jeff's wife is Hearing, and has 'live' voice interpreted as Jeff preached. The Introduction and Conclusion also have music.

AMAZING FACTS LESSONS: Jeff gave handouts with the series from the Amazing Facts tracts series available from Amazing Facts. With each set comes a list of which lesson fits with each lecture.

Jeff & Melissa Jordan with son, Noah, Nov. 1999


We have tried to keep these tapes down to a very low cost. We never expect to get back what it has cost to produce them. However, we cannot give them away as we must pay about a 10% royalty on each tape for use of the graphics, and the cost of duplicating each tape. You usually pay much more than this for a set of 10 tapes with two 39-54 min. lectures on each tape!

1. Send for a "SAMPLE" containing the first two lectures: #1- "Is the End Really Near as Year 2000 comes?" & # 2- "The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan". We can mail this postpaid anywhere in Canada for $17. Canadian, or anywhere in the USA for $17. in US funds.  

OR A SAMPLE OF THE FIRST TWO LECTURES ON DVD FOR $ 8 postpaid - in Canadian Funds to Canada and US funds to the USA.

2. Buy a full set. The full set of ten tapes is $110 plus $10 for postage in Canada [Canadian funds], or $100 in US funds plus $10. US postage to anywhere in the lower 48 states of the USA. For outside Canada or the USA, please email us about shipping rates-- basically it is $100.US plus whatever it costs to ship it in the way you want it shipped.

OR NOW ALSO ON DVD:  $ 70 plus $5 shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada.  The price to the USA is in US funds, and the price within Canada is in Canadian funds.


Please send a postal or bank money order made out to: John Blake - Canadian Deaf Ministries

Mail money order to:

John Blake

Canadian Deaf Ministries,

P.O. Box 308,   Clive,  AB  T0C 0Y0   Canada

However, since we travel a lot around North America, please email us first to check how soon we can ship your order. Email us at:

Audience at the Holiday Inn, Oct./Nov. 1999 Jordan Series


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