Activity/Occasion Location Date
B.C. Deaf Ministry Trip British Columbia, Canada April/May, 2000
Deaf Fellowship Day in Pacific North-West Westminster, B.C. April 29,2000
Artist Lee at work on Commissioned Picture Salmon Arm, B.C. April & Oct., 2000
Family Life Seminar with Francisca Trexler Toronto, ON May, 2000
Trexler "Revelation of Jesus Christ" Seminar Toronto, ON June 3-23, 2000
Arkansas Video Bible Study Series - Part I Clinton, Arkansas October, 2000
Arkansas Video Bible Study Series - Part II Clinton, Ark. Oct./Nov., 2000
 Baptism of 18 Deaf in India Thanjavur,  India  Oct./ 2000
Deaf Church & Deaf Camp in Russia   Zaoski Seminary, Russia Summer, 2000
Deaf Fellowship in Canada Edmonton, AB Feb./ 2001
Gallaudet Volunteer Chaplain ordained Maryland, USA March/2001
Deaf leaders meet in Maryland Maryland, USA March/2001
Deaf Fellowship in Toronto Toronto, ON, Canada April /2001
Deaf Fellowship in British Columbia B.C., Canada May /2001
Hope Deaf Mini-Camp Meeting  Hope, BC, Canada July/ 2002
Family Life Series Videotaped Calgary, AB, Canada May/2002
Jordan/Blake Trip to Visit Deaf India Nov./Dec./02
First SDA Deaf Church Building India Feb. 2003
September 2004 Trip to China Hong Kong & China Sept./ 2004
Summer 2005 Pictures USA & Barbados June-Aug. 2005
Kananasksis Deaf Retreat Alberta, Canada Nov. 4-6,  2005


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