Artist at Work on Commissioned Picture


Artist Pauline Lee Working on Commissioned Picture

of Jesus Signing with Children

NOTE: Pauline Lee is a retired minister's wife who loves to paint Biblical scenes.   Years ago we had her paint a picture on the back wall of the baptistery in a church where we were working in Nova Scotia.  Pauline still does large Biblical mural fluorescent chalk drawings for two large Canadian conventions each summer.  Thousands of people have been blessed through her work for the Lord.  

Pauline Lee did this painting to be a blessing to the 'deaf world'.  You can see below how you may purchase a picture.  For now we can fill the orders at these prices.  If our supplier puts up the prices, we will have to do so as well.


The Completed Picture

Jesus is shown here using the world famous sign for

"I Love You" with children from different nations.


** ALL SHIPPING WILL BE BY REGULAR MAIL THROUGH THE POST OFFICE  These prices ALL include all shipping within continental USA and all of Canada.  PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR US TO PROCESS YOUR ORDER

NOTEMailed to Canada, the prices are in Canadian funds, and mailed to the USA they are in US funds. In other words, if you live in the USA, please pay these prices in US dollars, and if you are in Canada, we accept Canadian dollars for these pictures as equal to US dollars. So, five 4" x 6" pictures are $4. US in the USA, and $4. Canadian in Canada. 

5 pictures 4" x 6"  =  $5.00
In quantities of 10 or over,  75 cents each. All prices include shipping*

2 pictures 5" x 7" =  $ 7.00
In quantities of 10 or over, $2.50 each.  All prices include shipping*

2 picture 8" x 10" = $ 15.00
In quantities of 5 or over, $ 6.00 each. All prices include shipping*

*All these are the prices mailed to any place in continental USA or Canada.  If
you are in another country, prices will have to be much higher to allow for
shipping.  Please ask for a price to your country
.  [Only 4"x6" and 5" x7"
size pictures will be available outside of the USA and Canada].

NOTE:  You may not re-sell these commercially. If you want to get extra's for friends, and they pay you your cost, that is fine, but no re-selling for a profit!  Thank you!

If you wish to order, please send a money order, OR cashier's check to:

John Blake,
P.O. Box 308,  Clive,  AB    T0C 0Y0    Canada


ORDER FORM TO MAIL TO US WITH YOUR MONEY: (sorry no credit cards!)
[Copy this form, and mail order form and money to us-thanks!]

5 pictures of  4" x 6" size for $5.00.... ______ sets @ $5.00 = $ ________

2 pictures of 5" x 7" size for  $ 7.00........ ______ sets @ $7.00 = $ ________

2 pictures of 8" x 10" size for $ 15.00.....______ sets @ $15.00 = $ ________

_______________________________________  = $ _____________

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED =  $ ____________________
[Please print very clearly]

Name: _________________________
Email: ____________________@___________________________
Phone:   (_________) __________-_______________ Voice_____ TTY____
Mailing Address: ________________________________________
City: ________________________  State/Prov. _________________
Country_________________ Post/Zip Code: _____________________

If something is not clear, just ask by email!

Sincerely, John Blake, Director
Canadian Deaf Ministries


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